9 Best Websites to Find Cheap Flights

if you a broke bitch like us, we’ve gotchu.

many americans (anecdotally speaking — and ourselves included until about 6-7 years ago) operate under the assumption that flights and travel, particularly international travel, is by default expensive and for the privileged. (the privilege is true to an extent of course!) couple that with the general american exceptionalism that pervades the minds of myriad of our citizens and it’s no surprise that barely half of Americans own a passport, despite it being one of the freest passports in the world! USA #1 Trump Eagles 1776 etc.

if the previous paragraph has you thinking that perhaps it doesn’t have to be this way, you’re right. come join us for a trip through the websites we owe our lives (and still in the black bank accounts) to.

Flights.Google.com — We’ve scored $230 coast-to-coast flights on relatively short notice just by literally googling flights. Standard beginner shit. When checking out, avoid completing the final flight purchase through a third-party website even if it’s a few bucks cheaper.

Pro tip: the hassle of dealing with third-party sites isn’t worth the maybe $10 you’ll save. Just go directly through the airline website. It’ll be the cheapest price and your ticket won’t be issued through liaisons (and if something goes wrong, you’ll be able to work with the airline directly). You’ll thank us later!

Scott’s Cheap Flights — A white dude named Scott (like what else would his name be) spends all day scouring the Internet (like me but I guess more useful?) for deals to exotic (and local) locales. It’s free to sign up, and he sends you email notifications multiple times a day, often related to locations you’ve searched before on the site or on Google. If you’re willing to throw a few bucks his way for a premium account (YEAH CAPITALISM!), he’ll let you in on a few extra deals per day.

Groupon Flights — Self-explanatory. Groupon flight packages are often all-inclusive.

DealRay — This is a great site for those of you like me and Cara, who’re fairly spontaneous in our travel decision-making and have built up enough savings to be so. DealRay sends text (SMS) notifications once or twice daily. The savings are substantial, with average discounts of $428 to destinations worldwide if you’re willing to act fast. Don’t be a lil bitch.





Spirit.com—$170 roundtrip to Fort Lauderdale, $78 Boston-Charlotte booked

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